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June 20, 2008

 * My baby

Hi friends,

I am in my seventh month.
I am going to have a baby in September.
My husband, I and our family are all excited about my baby.
For my parents and parents-in-low, my baby is the first grandchild.

I want to know my baby's gender very much. Many expectant mothers know their baby's sex in sixth month.
In Japan, there are classes for expectant mothers.
We learn how to breath in delivery, what is good to eat, maternity yoga, how to feed and so on.
We make friends with other expectant mothers at classes.
It's nice to have friends who are in same condition.
We talk about our body change.

I am so happy when I feel my baby's kick.
I knit my baby's hat, mitten and blanket. Now I am waiting to knit. I want to knit with right color for my baby.
Blue for a boy. Pink for a girl. It's Japanese tradition.
So, I am stitching Teddy Bear on a baby's blanket. It takes time to stitch.
Take care,

Posted by Mako : June 20, 2008 1:08 PM


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