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* About this site

Since June 2006, We (Mako&Hide) are staying in Troy, NY U.S.A as a visiting researcher at Rensselaer Polytechinic Institute (RPI). During our stay, we enjoy American life style, nature and many crafts.

I learned American knitting at BeauKnits, Ltd. in Cohoes, NY. I made lots of wonderful friends through this yarn shop. I owe my success in knitting and American life to BeauKnits owner, Barbara and her partner, Pat. I enjoyed American Knitting very much. Through knitting, people join each other, who are going different path.. So, I am interested in knitting in the world.

In this site, we will write our hobby, crafts, knitting, spinning, weaving, travel records and show many pictures. Also, we want to communicate with many people living outside Japan.

* Our Recommendation Entries

Recent Entries:

Good-Bye Party
Diary:Good-Bye Party---My friends from BeauKnits held Good-Bye Party for my husband and me. It was at Red Robin in Latham. --- Sep. 8,2007 NEW!
Cable Designe Bag
Diary: Cable Design Bag---I knitted this cable design bag. It's heart shape. I like this bag!--- Sep. 4,2007 NEW!
Diary: Beaver Watching---This was the my first time to watch beavers. It was bigger than I expected, but it was so cute. --- Sep. 2,2007 NEW!
Altamont Fair
Diary: Altamont Fair---Aug. 30,2007 NEW!
Altamont Fair
Album: Altamont Fair---Aug. 30,2007 NEW!
Felted Slippers
Diary: Easy Scarf ---Aug. 28,2007
Diary: Weaving Class---Aug. 21,2007
Diary: Kool-Aid dyeing---Aug. 21, 2007
Album:Ottawa in winter ・・・We went to Ottawa in order to renew our US visa. It was on March and so cold. ---March 5-6, 2007
Album:Montreal in winter---We also visited at Motreal.---March 4,2007

Teddy Bears

Old Teddy Bear
Diary: Old Teddy Bear---Sep. 3,2007 NEW!
Teddy Bear
Diary: Robert---Aug. 21,2007
Teddy Bear
Diary: Robert---Aug. 21,2007
Teddy Bear
Diary: Oliver---Aug. 21,2007
Teddy Bear
Diary: Sleepy Sam---Aug. 21,2007
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear

Swiss Travel Album:

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