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September 4, 2007
 * Cable Design Bag

I knitted this bag from this pattern.

This pattern recommend to use bolky yarn.
But I knitted double strands worsted wool yarn.
I like this design. It's heart shape and pretty.
To make bags, I think I don't have to pay attention about gauge so much as when I knit sweater or something that I wear.
So, I try many kinds of yarn usingone pattern.
From one pattern, I enjoy many variation.

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September 1, 2007
 * Knitted Hairband

I am knitting hairband. Knitted hairband is nicely fit to my head.
I used Berroco summer yarn!


I refered these following free knitting patterns to make the hairband.


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August 29, 2007
 * Leaf Motif Necklace

 I knitted this necklace from this pattern.


This necklace is leaf motif design.
I enjoy wearing this in Autum.
When leaves in your town changes color, this necklace will be great to wear.

more ... "Leaf Motif Necklace"

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August 28, 2007
 * Easy Scarf

I learned this scarf by Pat from BeauKnits.
So, I call this "Pat scarf".

This scarf is simple and easy. But pretty!

You can use summer yarn or handspun yarn or anything pretty yarn.

more ... "Easy Scarf"

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 * Felted Slippers 1

I knitted this slippers from this pattern.


After I knitted them, they were felted.
Felted slippers are endurable and very warm!
Felted projects are cool!

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August 24, 2007
 * Convertible shawl from Rebecca Hatcher pattern


I knitted this lace shawl from this pattern written by Rebecca Hatcher.

I like this design very much. This lace shawl is convertible to shrug with putting buttons on or off.
It's neat!

I used the yarn that I bought at Green Mountain Spinnery. I like this color of yarn.

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August 21, 2007
 * Puppet

Take a look at my adorable puppets!


I used the pattern from "Knit from the Heart:Quick Projects for Generous Giving" by Kristin Spurkland.
Making puppet is fun project!

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